• "ouessant. un polop chez les maouts"

    Il y a 2 ans - Par Les Calepins de Lapin

    I will sign my book of ouessant island next saturday in Ouessant, and the 11th of april in brest.
    In march 2017, I was invited by the association « ENKI » to a one month artist residency in the Créac'h semaphore, next to the legendary Créac'h light house of Ouessant.
    Ouessant is the furthest west island of Britany, a small dot in the Atlantic Ocean.
    First I was welcomed by the storm Zeus with its 200 km/h winds, then by the locals: a bunch of sailors, pirates and heroes who invited me for a glass or two while I was portraying them.
    After one month I captured more than 100 of them in my...
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